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HUAKANG 2020 Table Tennis Competition

Date : 2020/6/9 5:53:39 Views :
To enrich the spare time of all employees, enhance team cohesion, increase fitness and physical exercise, and clutivate the spirit of collective love, unity and cooperation, Hunan Huakang Biotech Inc. held the Table Tennis Competition in the company's multi-functional conference hall on June 6, 2020.
All employees from nine departments are divided into nine teams, including singles, doubles and mixed doubles. During the competition, all players exemplified the team spirit of unity, collaboration and mutual help. The wonderful defense and lore of the players aroused everyone's applause. The atmosphere was very active,fill with passion and intense competition. After a intense competition, finally the R&D Department, the Sales Department and Production Department won the championfirst, Runner-up and second Runner-up respectively.
The successful held of this competition shows that Huakang Bio has a strong staff team. They can not only competite the business around the world, but also show their talents in sports and life. Huakang Biotech Inc. will live up to customers’ expectation  and keep moviing forward bravely.

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