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Hunan Huakang Biotech Inc., was invited to participate in the American Nutrition and Health Association Conference

Date : 2019/9/27 3:12:36 Views :

The American Nutrition and Health Association was founded in 2009, the purpose of promoting the exchange and cooperation of Asian American health food and pharmaceutical industry, enhance the industry China human solidarity, between enterprises and government departments to build a communication platform, to help better understand the Asian American health food and pharmaceutical industry laws and regulations, in order to industry norms, avoid business risk, promote international exchanges and cooperation, food safety supervision in circulation, as consumers of food safety escort.


Congresswoman Ms. Zhao Meixin published:How can a small firm in health care grow,In the current environment? FDA officials,United States Pharmacopoeia  general chapter Revision Committee Mr. Yang Yanbo, China state-owned Beijing TongRenTang American Medical Center president Ms. Ren Liping are discussed the issues that aimed at the health care law, testing standards and health care products how to successfully enter the United States and other issues .

After the speech, Congresswoman Zhao Meixin visit Hunan Huakang booth, show strong interest at plant extracts, natural organic natural products. Mr. Huang Jianwei, chairman of Huakang introduced Huakang high quality plant extract products,advanced extraction technology which is higher than the domestic counterparts to lawmakers and officials. At the same time, gave a detailed answer to the issues they raised. Ms. Zhao Meixin and FDA officials have given full recognition of our products, and look forward to Hunan Huakang can continue to forge ahead towards the world stage.

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