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Warmly celebrate Hunan Huakang three new board listed!

Date : 2019/9/27 2:49:47 Views :

Hunan Huakang in the National SME share transfer system (three Edition) listing, stock code: 870480. Enterpriseas Legal Person Mr. Li Xiuran, a member of the board of directors Dr. Lin Li, Ms. Wu Yaling, Ms. Wang Zhi went to the listing ceremony.

The development of the enterprise cannot do without the support of capital, the three new board listing, is of great significance to Hunan Huakang. This is not only an opportunity to enhance the brand strength, at the same time, but also can make use of such a new board of enterprises and financial institutions, mutual understanding and communication platform for investors to further standardize the enterprise, obtain capital the market opportunity for the company to develop low cost financing and further capital market provides new opportunities.

After the listing, Hunan Huakang will redouble their efforts to standardize the operation, further strengthen enterprise management, optimize the industrial chain, so that more investors to enter, with more excellent performance returns of investors love, with more high-quality products return customers and society, and strive to achieve the "radical local human achievement" the good vision.

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